The Generations: Descendants of Holocaust Survivors

Hitler took six years of my life and my entire family. But I cannot say that he succeeded, because from me, my family now spans four more generations

--Adele Rapaport

The Center for Holocaust, Human Rights & Genocide Education is establishing a group of descendants of Holocaust survivors in its community and beyond, to be known as The Generations. Susan Diamond, Lily Levy and Mimi Werbler, members of the Center and The Generations, are co-chairing this initiative.

The Center is reaching out to descendants and family members of survivors—the closest witnesses to their experiences— to join its work in preserving, honoring and carrying on the survivors’ legacy. We will provide training, guidance and support.

Jewish Museum 1In addition, the Center will function as a home to all members of The Generations, offering activities and resources relating to their experiences—programs and outings of mutual interest, group discussions, and staff-led journeys "In Search of Roots" to survivors’ hometowns. On June 2, 2013, for example, members of The Generations visited the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City.



Please Work With Us on Preserving the Survivors’ History and Stories

  • Speak in Schools; accompany survivors who do
  • Work on the archives project; act as docents in the Exhibit
  • Research and record survivors’ home towns
  • Research and record survivors’ Life After
  • Record your stories; attend relevant workshop and conferences

And Help Us Make a Difference

I never understood why I survived and my sister died... I vowed to myself, and to her memory, never to stand by. I need to make a difference... When we speak out against hatred, we become part of the solution. I look with wonder at my three children and nine grandchildren and know they won't stand by.

--Manfred Lindenbaum



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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.