For Students

Each year, the Center sponsors several programs designed for students, including the Luna Kaufman Writing and Art Contest, our annual Catherine Woolf Student Leadership Conference for middle school students, and our Annual Colloquium for both middle and high school students.


The Luna Kaufman Writing and Art Contest

Named in honor of Luna Kaufman, Holocaust survivor and pioneer in Holocaust Education, our annual contest is open to students in grades 5 through college and includes creative writing, and both two and three-dimensional art. Click on the Student Essays and Student Art links in the menu to the right for samples of contest winners from past years.

Please click here for all the details and forms.

The Catherine Woolf Student Leadership Conference

In this exceptional one-day program, middle school students learn how they can make a difference in eliminating prejudice from their schools. Students develop awareness of prejudice, learn skills to counteract it and become empowered to educate their peers. Contact the Center for details.

Annual Colloquium

Each May, the Center brings 2,000+ students to the Brookdale Community College for the Annual Colloquium where they have the opportunity to hear a keynote address from a leading human rights activist or historical figure. Each participant also engages in a small group workshop on a topic related to hate, bullying and individual activism. What Will be Your Freedom Ride? is the theme for the 31st Annual Colloquium, May 10, 2012. Lewis Erskine, film editor of the Emmy award-winning documentary, Freedom Riders, will be the keynote speaker.

The keynote speaker for our May 2011 Colloquium was Mark Hanis, Executive Director and Founder of Genocide Intervention Network. In 2005, Mark, a college student, founded GI-NET to take action against the genocide in Darfur. Under his Leadership, GI-NET has mobilized the resources of thousands of caring individuals and institutions to strengthen a growing global anti-genocide movement. Gi-Net’s goal is to provide ordinary citizens with the tools to prevent and stop genocide.

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