9 August 2020: Chhange will be operating virtually until further notice. Our offices and exhibits are closed.

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Since the pandemic, Chhange’s immediate pivot to online programming has successfully engaged 24,000+ students, educators, and community members.

Help Chhange continue to meet our community’s needs in Fall 2020 through:

  • Virtual Tours focusing on the journeys of Holocaust, Armenian, and Rwandan Survivors

Chhange’s Impact:

  • Since 1979, Chhange has shared personal testimony of Holocaust and Genocide Survivors and their descendants. Chhange houses the only Holocaust & Genocide Archives in NJ.

  • Chhange delivers creative programming and meaningful content to promote the elimination of racism, antisemitism, and all forms of prejudice.

  • Chhange fosters a safe environment for students, educators, and community members to learn, listen, ask questions, and make connections between past history and current events.

Let’s open minds and pave the path for a more just future! Join us!

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Donate Today!

$10 will fund cloud storage for Chhange’s virtual library collection

$25 will fund 1 hour of transcribing or subtitling of Chhange videos

$50 will support video editing of Chhange’s online workshops

$100 will support the creation of lesson plans for educators

$250 will support conversations between local students and a Holocaust or Genocide Survivor

$500 will support the creation of a virtual Holocaust or Genocide Survivor Scrapbook

$1,000 will support a virtual tour of Survivor histories and personal keepsakes featured in Chhange's exhibit and archives

Donate Today!

Your tax-deductible donation will be recognized through an online thank you. Donations of $100+
will be acknowledged via Chhange’s social media and 2020 Ad Journal.

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Chhange educates, inspires, and empowers individuals to stand up to injustice.