Consequences of Hate and Bias in Our Community: A Program for Juvenile Offenders

Consequences of Hate and Bias in our Community: A Program for Juveniles, was developed by Chhange. This 12-week course uses examples of hate and bias, current and historical, global and domestic, as the framework for our work with the students. Since its inception in 2005, we have worked with over 83 students in Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex Counties. To our knowledge, not one juvenile who has graduated from this program has returned to the system for a bias or hate crime offense.

Although our original students were mandated to attend the program as a result of a court settlement, we have found this program to be successful with students before they reach the court system. More and more of our students now come to the program through Stationhouse Adjustment, which provides an alternative to placing first offenders in the court system.

After working closely with law enforcement officers in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, we learned that bias and bullying were often a core part of the problem not only for these juveniles, but also for others experiencing problems in school and the community. As a result, we now invite School Resource Officers to be the third referral source for this program.

  • One evening a week for 12 weeks
  • One special full day class trip
  • Spring, summer and fall sessions
  • No cost to the student
  • Staffed by professional educators, law enforcement officers and school counselors
  • Referrals from: Probation, Stationhouse Adjustment or School Resource Officers
  • Designed for juvenile offenders of bias crimes, harassment, and bias intimidation, and students committing bias and bullying incidents in schools and the community

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