Loren Lewin


I have been volunteering at Chhange since 2013 after retiring from a 32-year career as a telecom systems engineer at Bell Labs and Bellcore/Telcordia. While driving home from my last day of work, I received a call from a board member asking me to devote some of my retirement time to Chhange. My mother-in-law, a survivor of eight concentration camps and work camps, passed away two weeks later, and I was determined to work at Chhange to honor her legacy. Among other things, I have been working in Chhange's archives, properly storing and documenting the precious donated items of Holocaust and Armenian Genocide survivors. Chhange is a perfect place for my skills, interests, values, and desire to honor the past and create a better future, working alongside other volunteers with the same dedication.

Chhange educates, inspires, and empowers individuals to stand up to injustice.