Virtual Resources for Educators

Recorded Virtual Workshops and Programs

The 2020 Chhange Annual Colloquium
American Heroes and Rescuers

This year's Colloquium resources include plenary speaker, Pastor Chris Edmonds, and sixteen virtual workshops led by Holocaust Survivors, activists, and educators discussing topics such as racism, homophobia, and antisemitism. Lesson plans are available for every Colloquium resource (plenary and workshops). Check out the Colloquium webpage for more information.

Virtual Lunch & Learn Series

In 1977, the founders of Chhange offered a Lunch & Learn series that eventually led to the creation of the Center. When Chhange transitioned to virtual platforms in March, we went back to our roots and created a series of well-received lunch & learns focused on the Holocaust, genocide, and human rights.

This series will continue through Fall 2020 (see above "Fall Calendar of Educational Programs").

Life after Liberation: The Continuance of Violence

19th Annual NJ Council of Holocaust Educators (Recorded) Join Chhange and the New Jersey Council of Holocaust Educators as we explore Survivor experiences after Liberation. As this year's commemorations of the 75th anniversary of Liberation and the end of World War II come to a close, this workshop invites educators to reflect on the continuance of violence long after the arrival of Allied soldiers. 3 hours of Professional Development provided

Genocide Awareness Month Events

  • Kwibuka26: Recorded April 7, 2020, Chhange commemorated the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Our Kwibuka26 program features Yannick Tona, who survived the Genocide as a young child. Yannick shares his testimony, explores his family history, and answers questions about Rwanda then and now.
  • Yom HaShoah: Recorded April 21, 2020, Chhange commemorated Yom HaShoah. Our virtual remembrance features testimony from three local Holocaust Survivors: Claire Boren, Manfred "Manny" Lindenbaum, and Ruth Rosenfeld, as well as a candle-lighting ceremony led by local Holocaust Survivors.

Online Educational Resources

Personal Survivor Histories

These narratives are the true stories of people from our local community who endured the horrors of the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide, suffering through unimaginable conditions.

Their survival is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Virtual Tours of Journeys Beyond Genocide: The Human Experience

Journeys Beyond Genocide engages visitors with the human story of the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, and the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda. This virtual field trip is an incredible experiential learning opportunity for educators, students, interest groups, community members, and families alike.

Dr. Khachig Boghossian's Scrapbook

This new educational resource traces the life of Dr. Khachig Boghossian, a survivor of the Armenian Genocide. Dr. Boghossian's life is also the focus of our April 15th Lunch & Learn.


This collection of Instagram posts features Survivors of the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, and the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Their testimony is presented as short histories that provide students with individual narratives of survival and rescue (search for the hashtag #SurvivorAlphabet on Instagram). You must register for a free account in order to access this resource.


Between July 15th and August 25th, Chhange provided 41 opportunities to #MakeChhangeHappen in our communities. Empower your students to create positive change locally and around the world as Chhange celebrates 41 years of educating, inspiring, and empowering individuals to stand up against injustice (search for the hashtag #MakeChhangeHappen on Instagram). You must register for a free account in order to access this resource.

Chhange educates, inspires, and empowers individuals to stand up to injustice.