Press Release: Chhange Hosts Book Signing of Thrown Upon the World

(Lincroft, New Jersey) – On Wednesday evening, August 1, the newly-released book written by New Jersey brothers George Kolber and Charles Kolber was well-received by a crowd of 200+ guests. The Book Signing Event was held at the Center for Holocaust, Human Rights & Genocide Education (Chhange), located on the campus of Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, NJ. Guests met the authors, received a signed copy of the book, watched an exclusive video about the Kolber Family’s courageous escape to Shanghai during the Holocaust, and toured Chhange’s new exhibit Journeys Beyond Genocide: The Human Experience.

The inspiring Journeys Beyond Genocide exhibit features personal testimony and archival items of local Holocaust and genocide survivors. The Kolber’s family story is one of many compelling accounts featured in Chhange’s exhibit. The Kolber family has showcased a collection of their family’s archival treasures, including a Chinese wedding certificate authorized by the Jewish community, as well as a Reisepass (German passport) and Kennkarte (Jewish identity card), marked with a red ‘J’ to identify a person as a Jew.

Dale Daniels, Executive Director of Chhange and exhibit co-creator, explains that, “Journeys Beyond Genocide features the human story behind genocide through life accounts of local survivors from three genocides (Armenian Genocide, Holocaust, 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda), thus creating a powerful, lasting connection between the visitor and the history. Similarly, Thrown Upon the World engages the reader with the riveting story of the Kolber and Chen families, and the resilience of family members who traveled at great risk across Europe and Asia to Shanghai. Survivors such as the Kolbers and others featured in Journeys Beyond Genocide illustrate the courage and strength that enabled survivors to create successful lives in our New Jersey community.”

George Kolber noted, “Chhange’s educational programs and exhibits always incorporate personal, captivating testimonies of survivors that truly resonate with visitors. As descendants of Holocaust survivors, my brother Charles and I are committed to help preserve survivor legacy. We believe that Chhange’s educational approach has lasting impact on today’s youth.” Susan Yellin, exhibit co-creator, added, “We are deeply privileged to host the Kolber Book Signing and feature the Kolber family story as part of Chhange’s exhibit. Journeys Beyond Genocide is a call to action to honor victims of genocide and effect positive change in the lives of others. Featuring tablet technology designed specifically to customize the visitor’s exhibit experience, we believe that Journeys Beyond Genocide is unequaled in the state of New Jersey.”

The exhibit also serves as a resource for educators across the state to meet the NJ State mandate for Holocaust/genocide education. Each year Chhange provides 50-75 programs to more than 25,000 students, educators and community members from varied socio-economic, racial, and ethnic groups throughout New Jersey. Chhange is committed to educate, inspire and empower people to address human rights issues and become active, involved citizens.Visit or call 732-224-1889 to order Thrown Upon the World and/or schedule a visit to the Chhange exhibit. Exhibit admission is free for Chhange members.


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