Stand Up Against Hate Workshop for Local Educators

How can students stand up against hate in today’s world? School districts across the state are grappling with this, and it is a central question the Center of Holocaust, Human Rights, & Genocide Education (Chhange) is proactively addressing in 2018. Our Educators Art Workshop, which took place Thursday, January 11, 2018, offered 60 New Jersey educators from more than 25 school districts an opportunity to help their students stand up against hate through art. Actions taken by historical role models, today’s leaders, and even comic book superheroes, became the means to teach their students about inclusion and respect.

Chhange educators presented information on the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, marking its 75th Anniversary this upcoming spring. By showcasing the heroism of the Ghetto’s young freedom fighters, including 22-year-old Mordechai Anielewicz, teachers can inspire their students to become leaders in their communities, regardless of their age. Holocaust survivor Claire Boren and her daughter Sari Boren shared the personal experiences of Adam Boren, their husband and father, respectively. Mr. Boren is a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, three concentration camps and a death march, and his book, Journey through the Inferno, which reflects his life story, is currently available for purchase at Chhange for $20.00.

Keynote speaker Chief Investigator David D’Amico of Middlesex County discussed the importance of teaching students about the evolution of hate. D’Amico empowered the educators to teach their students how to become heroes, leaders, and role models in their communities.  

Arlene Smelson, Chhange art educator, worked with attendees to prepare for the 5th Annual Student Art Installation, Stand Up Against Hate, which will open during Chhange’s Annual Colloquium on May 9th. With over 50 classes participating, the 2018 Student Art Installation is sure to be our biggest one yet! Our 2018 Colloquium features Chief Investigator David D’Amico and Susan Bro, the mother of slain activist Heather Heyer, and includes an opportunity to attend on of over 40 workshops related to the Holocaust, genocide, and human rights. Please register to join us at the colloquium in May!

How can you help students stand up against hate in today’s world? Become a member of Chhange today and learn more about how you can be a hero, leader, & role model in your community!

Local educators work on a group project focused on diaries from the Warsaw Ghetto. 

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