A Journey to Life: Armenia

A Journey to Life: Armenia portrays the full life experiences of Armenians before, during, and after the 1915 genocide. It depicts their vibrant life, culture, and loving family pre-genocide; the experience of dehumanization, the ethical challenges, and the genocidal brutality they survived; their remarkable return to life as refugees in NJ; and the effect of genocide denial.

The Exhibit’s Five Goals:

  • “Keep alive” and preserve the voice of individual survivors – a demonstrated, powerful vehicle to teach genocide history and its lessons
  • Illustrate the resilience of individuals and their abilities to reclaim their humanity after they have been victimized
  • Enable visitors to recognize that lessons of genocide have contemporary relevance and can aid in addressing human rights crises today
  • Encourage visitors to think about the importance of individual action to address hate and discrimination in America and worldwide
  • Foster understanding of Armenian culture and history, the Armenian genocide, and the local Armenian community

Exhibit Specifications:

  • Three free-standing panel structures that feature survivor personal histories (maps, graphic reproductions, photographs)

  • These panels frame out a semi-enclosed area with benches for group discussions

  • Fifteen 7” Dell tablets that display historical overviews, audio, video of survivors’ descendants, scholars, and descriptions of archival items

  • Docent guidelines will be provided

Host Requirements:

  • Three-month booking period with renewal option

  • Exhibit Rental Fee $2,500 for three months (includes setup/removal costs, tablet training, excludes roundtrip shipping costs) $500 for 3 month, one-time extension, or portions thereof

  • Certificates of insurance

  • Minimum of 600 square feet for free-standing structure

  • Secure, locked exhibition space that is staffed during open hours

  • Adequate lighting for each exhibit panel

  • Electrical support for charging tablets

  • Wi-Fi Capability (for tablets)

  • Support personnel to assist Chhange team with setup

  • Available storage for shipping materials

  • No smoking, food, or drinks are allowed in display, staging, or storage area

  • Host is responsible for returning exhibit and related materials in same condition as received

  • Access to Chhange Exhibit shall not be denied to anyone on the basis of race, color, national origin, physical, or cognitive disability

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